Luschi Cecilia

Prof. ssa Cecilia Luschi 

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qualifica: docente a contratto
ricevimento: dopo la lezione dell'anno in corso o su appuntamento
1999 _ PhD in Survey and Design for Building and Environment, at the University of Florence, Faculty of Architecture
2008_ Researcher – D098934 – DIDA
2014_Master's degree in Architecture and Arts for Liturgy at the Pontifical Athenaeum of St. Anselm in Urbe, Faculty of Liturgy, Rome.
Teaching architecture drawing at the DIDA of Unifi.
Research Activity Developed reading systems based on geometric protocol, the architecture of late antiquity and middle age. She has developed research on monastic and those fortified buildings until the thirteenth century.
2017/2010_PhD Teaching College in Architecture DIDA Department, UNIFI.
2017_ Reflections on the horizon, in Around the Walls, Four projects for Jerusalem, di Fabio Fabbrizzi, DIDApress, Firenze.
2017_ CMR Luschi, Galilee and Gavit, architectural parallelism in the Christian world, in Conoscere, Conservare, Valorizzare il patrimonio culturale religioso, gender Olimpia Niglio, Aracne Editrice, Canterano (ROMA)
2016_ CMR Luschi , L. Aiello, Capter 10 “The Building Below the Castle” in the Monfort, History, Erly Research and Recent Studies of the Principal Fortress of the Teutonic Order in the Latin East, edited by Adrian Boas, Brill, Eiden/Boston ISBN 9789004250468.
2015_ CMR Luschi Mystagogy of the monastery between theological syntax and architectural composition, Aracne Editrice, Roma 978-88-548-8371-0